Cantabile Choir is a Group from Córdoba who ha its roots in Renaissance and Baroque tradition. It begins when; Juan Mario Moreno Alcaraz, from Murcia, at that time, teacher at the Music School of Córdoba starts to develop several public activities with his students, although not until 1997 the choir itself was properly formed .

The group is mainly made up of former Music School students , and also an important number of graduated in Musical Education Teaching ,who work in schools in Andalusia ,as well as any music lovers person.

Tarketa Cantabile

The curriculum, mainly   developed with Jose Antonio Moruno Nadal as a conductor,  includes: concerts,several operas,religious works and a large amount of events of Andalusian Easter, as well as several Masses at the Holy Cathedral.

Among the most important performances of the Choir es the participation in Agustín Contreras´ Miserere ,dated in 1709 , with other 7 groups .

Also offnote is the organisation of a religious Choral Music Meeting in 2006,when it joined the Young Orquestra of the city of Córdoba to perform “ Requiem de G. Fauré”.

On good Friday they have been singing gospels from the Renaissance to Twentieth century accompanying Nuestra Señora del Desconsuelo Procession for 19 years.

The choir was awarded the first prize in the “ IX Carrols  Local Cajasur Contest “ , in the Polifonic Carrol Section in 2007 ; besides,they also participated in the “ Sacred Music International Meeting” in Lugo ( North of Spain) ,with the Italian choir Ars Nova from Rome.The were chosen to participate in 2008 in the Lullabies and Carrol Villa de Rojales Contest, one of the most important Choir Contest in Spain ; and Cantabile beated the International Choral Contest Tierra de Barros , taking 2 of the 3 awards among five more candidates.

In December 2008, the choir represented the city of Córdoba in the  “ First Singing Meeting of Choirs  in Ibiza” , performing Ramón Medina, Luis Bedmar pieces ,among other musician from the city. Offnote is the participation in the 6th Carrol choir  Meeting “ City of Cádiz” , on the 5th of December  2008 and the XII Choirs Meeting “ Brother Daniel “ celebrated in Badajoz on the 12th of the same month.

In 2011 and 2012, they have developed important musical and vocals studies and works with Beatriz Aguilera Jurado  , teacher in Superior Degree at the Music School of Córdoba ; this improvement was displayed in several participations : religious and solidary concerts,

This course 2012 and 2013 the choir is working under the baton of  Rafael Wals Dantas ,a promising  musician and composer of the city, very well prepared in religious and   Easter Andalusian Music.

This Easter (Tuesday), they will be singing, for the 3rd consecutive year, accompanying the Santísimo Cristo de la Buena Muerte, in one of the most important cities considered as World Cultural Heritage in Spain, the city of Baeza.

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