Rafael Carlos León Rodríguez (Bass)

Rafael LeónCórdoba, 3 April, 1984.

Graduate in Veterinary medicine. Holds a professional certifícate (intermediate grade) in flute. Currently taking a course in the tuba. Member of the music band “María Santísima de la Esperanza” since its beginning and also of the Classic Wind Quintet “Glissando.” Has formed part of coral groups “Martin Codax” de la Casa de Galicia (of the house of Galicia) in Córdoba and of the “Cantabile” choir since 1997. Since the extinction of his instrumental Chapel, Rafael forms part of the group of bases. He is especially interested in the history of the local music of Córdoba and in that of other music bands. He collaborates frequently with sites such as www.patrimoniomusical.com


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